Care Support & Treatment for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Service to the sick is an integral part of our mission. Every region in India is experiencing a snowballing increase in the spread of HIV. There is an urgent need to respond positively and progressively to alleviate the suffering and pain of the infected and affected people. There emerging needs and concerns necessitated JMJ Community Care Centre to render services in the communities for 625 registered people living with HIV/AIDS under our centre is in need of Nutritional, psychological and Medical support as they walk in.

Continuum Services for Children living with HIV/AIDS

Children are affected by HIV and AIDS in ways that can diminish their childhood and as a result limit choices and opportunities for successful survival throughout their lives. There are many child headed households where one or both parents are dead or dying. Children have to assume the role of adults, taking responsibility without acquiring life-skills. Thus these children require continuum services like Medical, Psychological, Nutritional and Educational.

Disability Programme

People with disability wish to educate themselves and raise awareness about how someone with disability prefers to be treated, because they know their life would be a little easier if there was more awareness, understanding and support.

Therefore, this awareness has helped us to start up with disability program in Sambalpur for 65 and Kantabanji for 27 children in the form of Education and Medical Support.

As there are leading necessities of human souls to what is best and making what is best out of them. The community they live in will also know the best way to treat them and that is why we need to do so.

Family Development Programme

This programm is for development of 50 families Few core Processes are: Generating awareness, sensitivity and consciousness on Government benefits and schemes. Issue based micro planning at family level. Family based local initiatives/actions. Family based and community based monitoring and reflection.

This programme helps poor families improves their living standard, reduces theirs indebtedness, reduces the burden on single parents, both widows and widowers as well as abandoned women and reduces the burden of families having vulnerably chronically ill, aged and mentally and physically challenged members.

Skill Development Programme

Skill development programme is initiated from the year 2011 Training youth in different domains like Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, Nursing Assistant and other short term employment oriented courses for the economically and socially marginalized youth of India. We have provided training to 300 youth of odisha state and placed in different sector within and outside the state in order to shape their future as well as the country.

Tailoring and Basket Making Programme

This tailoring and Basket making programme is initiated in August 2013 for dropout adolescent girls to create self employment


World AIDS Day observed on 1st December every year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the day with education on AIDS prevention and control.

For the women of the world, the women’s day is an occasion to review how far they have come in their struggle. Hence, we organize women’s day every year.

World disability Day holds immense significance for the disability sector. It is a day to take stock of the achievements of the past year. It is also a good chance to bring the needs, concerns and rights of persons with disability into the national limelight; it is also a day to spread awareness on this developmental issue. With a intention to make this day a memorable one for the children and youngsters with a disability, we celebrate the world disability day.