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Blessing of JMJ Sadan kantabanji

A Great day dawned in JMJ as the convent building was blessed by most Rev. Lucas kerketta Svd the bishop of Sambalpur on April 25th 2008. In the presence of Rev. Sr. Stella Maris, then the provincial superior of Guntur Province, Sr. Showrilu, the provincial Councillor, Sr. Cletus, then the superior , Sr. Jovita and many other JMJ sisters witnessed the occasion.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice’’.

JMJ presence in Kantabanji began from 31st October 2003, caring the sick, visiting the poor and needy. Gradually the locality approached the sisters to start a well established hospital. Accordingly the hospital building was established but it was not developing as per the purpose, due to lack of doctors. So the building was almost vacant and the Khandhmal students were accommodated to continue their studies in odiya Govt School, Kantabanji. In 2009, the locality requested the sisters to open an English Medium school in Kantabanji, although there are 32 schools existing in Kantabanji. Sr.Maries was sent to study the situations in Kantabanji. Thus the JMJ sisters Sr. Jovita & Sr. Maries explored the facilities and carried out the preliminary steps like T.V. add, leaflets, erecting flex printing boards in the year 2009 December. By the 1st week of January 2010, the admissions began. A red letter in the annals of the history of JMJ began by opening JMJ English Medium School in Kantabanji on 21st June 2010 in the cradle of JMJ hospital, with 72 students in nursery, L.K.G, and U.K.G- respectively.

In 2011, march 7th we opened Std I and the strength has reached to 132 students on roll. In 2012, march 12th we opened Std II and in 2013 Std- III, 2014 Std-IV, 2015 Std- V and 2016, Std- VI is opened. Thus JMJ School is growing as a full pledged school in Kantabanji. We thank God for his benevolent blessings and providential care for sustaining 984 students till date.